ITK  4.8.0
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itk::MapData Class Referenceabstract

#include <itkSmapsFileParser.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for map data containers.

MAP DATA Inherited classes must implement their own

Definition at line 125 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

Public Types

typedef SizeValueType MemoryLoadType

Public Member Functions

bool Empty ()
virtual MemoryLoadType GetHeapUsage ()=0
virtual MemoryLoadType GetMemoryUsage (const char *filter, const char *token)
virtual MemoryLoadType GetStackUsage ()=0
virtual MemoryLoadType GetTotalMemoryUsage ()
virtual ~MapData ()

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< MapRecord * > MapRecordVectorType

Protected Member Functions

void Reset ()

Protected Attributes

MapRecordVectorType m_Records

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector< MapRecord * > itk::MapData::MapRecordVectorType

Definition at line 153 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

need a large enough type to be able to accumulate the SmapsRecord

Definition at line 129 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual itk::MapData::~MapData ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool itk::MapData::Empty ( )

Returns true if the data has not been initialized yet

virtual MemoryLoadType itk::MapData::GetHeapUsage ( )
pure virtual

Returns the heap usage in kB of the process

Implemented in itk::VMMapData_10_2, and itk::SmapsData_2_6.

virtual MemoryLoadType itk::MapData::GetMemoryUsage ( const char *  filter,
const char *  token 

Returns the memory usage in kB of a process segment

virtual MemoryLoadType itk::MapData::GetStackUsage ( )
pure virtual

Returns the stack usage in kB of the process

Implemented in itk::VMMapData_10_2, and itk::SmapsData_2_6.

virtual MemoryLoadType itk::MapData::GetTotalMemoryUsage ( )

Returns the total memory usage in kB of the process

void itk::MapData::Reset ( )

Clear the content of the container

Member Data Documentation

MapRecordVectorType itk::MapData::m_Records

contains all the segment records

Definition at line 156 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

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