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itk::SmapsFileParser< TSmapsDataType > Class Template Reference

#include <itkSmapsFileParser.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename TSmapsDataType>
class itk::SmapsFileParser< TSmapsDataType >

Read a smap file (typically located in /proc/PID/smaps) and extract the memory usage information. Any smaps data reader can be used in template as long as they implement a operator>>(istream&) and have GetXXXUsage() methods.

Definition at line 271 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ReadFile (const std::string &mapFileLocation="")
virtual ~SmapsFileParser ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::MapFileParser< TSmapsDataType >
MemoryLoadType GetHeapUsage ()
MemoryLoadType GetMemoryUsage (const char *filter, const char *token="Size")
MemoryLoadType GetStackUsage ()
MemoryLoadType GetTotalMemoryUsage ()
bool Update ()
virtual ~MapFileParser ()

Additional Inherited Members

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- Protected Attributes inherited from itk::MapFileParser< TSmapsDataType >
TSmapsDataType m_MapData
std::string m_MapFilePath

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename TSmapsDataType >
virtual itk::SmapsFileParser< TSmapsDataType >::~SmapsFileParser ( )

Member Function Documentation

template<typename TSmapsDataType >
virtual void itk::SmapsFileParser< TSmapsDataType >::ReadFile ( const std::string &  mapFileLocation = "")

Load and parse the smaps file pointed by smapsFileLocation. If smapsFileLocation is empty, load the file located at "/proc/" + PID + "/smaps" Throw an exception is the file can't be opened.

Implements itk::MapFileParser< TSmapsDataType >.

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