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Enhancing Image Registration Framework


  • Review v4 registration plans and progress.
  • Catalog target use cases.
  • Discuss design changes in core itk to support these enhancements.
  • Wishlist items beyond standard use cases, e.g. projective transform (itkPerspective3DTransform).

Discussion Items

  • Separate sampling (interpolation strategy) and metric computation
  • Separate computation of derivative components via chain rule.
  • Enable registration of generalized data-types.
  • Multiple metrics and/or multiple optimizers?
  • Add feature based registration techniques (SIFT (patented?), SURF, etc)

Refactoring of optimization framework

Proposal for Revised Framework (Old)

Proposal for Revised Framework

Wish List for ITKv4

Related Groups (A2D2)

  1. BWH: Score++
    • Sean Megason and Julian Jomier
  2. Georgetown: Automated parameter tuning
    • Ziv Yaniv, Andinet Enquobahrie
  3. Utah: Score
    • Marcel Prastawa, Julien Jomier, G. Gerig, J. Fillon-Robin
  4. Utah: Time-Varying Shape Modeling
    • T. Fletcher, J. Cater, R. MacLeod, C. McGann, S. Callahan
  5. William+mary*: Non-Rigid Registration for Image Guided Neurosurgery
    • N. Chrisochoides et al.


(a) #3, #4, and #5 should be consulted during the actual refactoring of the registration framework. (b) #1, #2, and #3 should be involved with the design of a web-based parameter estimation, comparison.


(Add one page for every tcon).