[Insight-users] gdcm upgrade

Mathieu De Craene decraene at tele.ucl.ac.be
Tue Jan 17 05:55:16 EST 2006


Hi would like to know if there is any plan to upgrade gdcm to the a more
recent version than 1.0 in ITK.

I would like to benefit from the add off 
        void SetUserLessThanFunction 

to the gdcm::SerieHelper class(*). This allow the user to specify an
personalized ordering of file names for a serie. In my case, I have a
diffusion image and the existing attempts for discriminating slices at
the same physical location but different time points do not work with
the format I have.

Thanks for any comment or suggestion,



Mathieu De Craene <decraene at tele.ucl.ac.be>
010 47 93 53 (lab) - 0478 51 54 54 (cell) - 010 47 20 89 (fax)

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