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Gaëtan Lehmann gaetan.lehmann at jouy.inra.fr
Fri Sep 19 14:43:39 EDT 2008

Luis, Jim,

I'm a bit surprised to see Jim's contribution about object geometry  
already in the list of papers to move to Review directory: this is  
unexpectedly fast and I didn't have time to submit a full review of  
that code. This contribution is of particular interest for me because:
* it provides some tools I need
* it provides many things I have also implemented in my contribution  
about label object¹

Jim seems to have a far better knowledge of all that stuff than me,  
but my contribution give a more general framework for all that kind of  
attributes associated to an object, and a memory representation which  
should allow much efficient attribute computations. I was hoping that  
the two contributions could be merged to take benefit of both of them,  
and avoid features duplication in different parts of the toolkit.

Is it still time for discussions?



[1] http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/176

Le 19 sept. 08 à 20:06, Luis Ibanez a écrit :

> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for attending the tcon.
> (yeap, we probably should find a better name than "tcon" at this  
> point)
> As we discussed, a draft list of papers to move from the Insight  
> Journal
> to the Code/Review directory for the release of ITK 3.10 has been  
> added
> to the Wiki page:
> http://www.itk.org/Wiki/ITK_Release_Schedule#Release_3.10_Schedule
> The "Generalized Computation of Gaussian Derivatives Using ITK" paper
> has been added to this list. Please feel free to keep adding any other
> papers that you consider interesting.
> From this list we will prioritize papers, and get volunteers who will
> move the papers into the Code/Review directory.
> As we do this, the rule is to make sure that the tests that came with
> the paper are moved into the Testing/Code/Review directory, and that
> we maintain the KWStyle (Style checker) submission at zero errors.
> Thanks for volunteering to help move papers.
>   Regards,
>       Luis
> ---------------------
> Dan Mueller wrote:
>> Hi Lius,
>> I can not attend the Tcon (is that still a good name?) today, but I  
>> am
>> curious what process is used to determine the transfer of Insight
>> Journal papers to the review folder.
>> Some of the articles being considered for inclusion (as listed on the
>> Wiki agenda) are quite new, in fact the only submission which has  
>> been
>> reviewed by a human is #301. So why are these new publications with  
>> no
>> reviews being considered over publications with proven applicability
>> (more views/downloads) and quality (more human reviews)?
>> Take for example:
>>   http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/179
>> It was originally submitted over 12 months ago, has considerable  
>> views
>> and downloads (views: 1955, downloads: 716), and two human reviews.  
>> (I
>> must concede the automated tests are not 100% at the moment, but if
>> the paper was considered for inclusion, I'm sure the author could
>> rectify that). There are of course other examples, however this is  
>> one
>> that I personally want to see in ITK proper.
>> Is the process of transfer from IJ to review folder simply a  
>> developer
>> or user saying to the ITK gatekeepers: "hey, I want such and such
>> paper considered for inclusion"?
>> Cheers, Dan
>> 2008/9/19 Luis Ibanez <luis.ibanez at kitware.com>:
>>> The agenda for today's ITK Tcon 2.0 is now available in the Wiki.
>>>  http://www.itk.org/Wiki/Agenda%26Status_091908
>>> We will discuss:
>>> * The release schedule for ITK 3.10
>>> * Moving papers from the Insight Journal into the Review dir
>>> * itk::Image behaving like itk::OrientedImage
>>> * Lesion sizing toolkit in development
>>> * ImageIO API for GUI support
>>> Please feel free to add any topics.
>>> Instructions to join the Tcon are available at
>>> http://www.itk.org/Wiki/ITK_in_Second_Life
>>> Thanks
>>>   Luis
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