[Insight-users] Getting Started with ITK + VTK

Hing-tong LEUNG leunght at ha.org.hk
Mon Sep 29 00:26:48 EDT 2008

Dear all,


I am new to the ITK and VTK.  I stepped through the compilation of ITK
and VTK successfully according to the two useful piece of documents
written by Luis (GettingStarted-I.pdf and GettingStarted-II.pdf).
However, when I tried to run the sample provided at the end of the
document GettingStarted-II.pdf.  The process of CMake was working fine.
But when I tried to build the "myProject" program, the build was failed
with the message -

a fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
"itkImageToVTKImageFilter.h": No such file or directory.  


Am I missing something?  I am using VS2008 as the C compiler.


Look forward to your reply.


Thanks and regards,

Lucullus LEUNG


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