[Insight-users] ITK and GPU programming

Blezek, Daniel J. Blezek.Daniel at mayo.edu
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Hi Pauline,
  It is certainly feasible to use a GPU and ITK.  There are a few
1) Use GPU code inside an ITK filter.  This would mean writing
GenerateData to do the processing on the GPU.  An advantage is that your
code would become part of an ITK pipeline.
2) Use GPU code outside ITK.  You would use ITK where required, grab the
output image buffer (from itkImage), and pass it to your GPU code.  This
approach maintains flexibility as you can use your GPU code outside of
ITK as well as in conjunction.
A good starting point is to look at the VTK-ITK glue code (vtkITK in the
NAMIC Sandbox).  Here, ITK volumes are converted to VTK volumes, and
vice versa.
We have been using approach 2 in some of our work.


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Hi all


I intend to build an application manipulating medical images and I am
studying the opportunity of using VTK/ITK.

In order to make up my mind, I'd like to know if it is possible to
combine ITK and GPU programming. 


Thank you in advance




Pauline Audenino




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