[Insight-users] Problem Using the itkBSplineScatteredDataPointSetToImageFilter on Win32

Otmane Lahlou otmane.lahlou at c-s.fr
Wed Nov 24 13:08:32 EST 2010

Hi List;

I have a problem when i use the  
itkBSplineScatteredDataPointSetToImageFilter filter on Win32.
Actually, On _Linux distributions it runs well_, but on Win32, the 
following exception is thrown:
Line 1012
"Description: itk::ERROR: PointSetToImageFilter(01716750): The collapse 
component 512 is outside the corresponding parametric domain of [0, 512]. "

I used ITK 3.20, compiled using a Visual C++ 2008 Express.
in release mode.

You can find a cmake configurable project attached to this mail that 
shows the problem.
If someone can have a look and give me a feedback to confirm the problem
or to explain what i missed,  it will be really helpfull.

Thanks for help.


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