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itk::OpenCVImageBridge Class Reference

#include <itkOpenCVImageBridge.h>


struct  HandleRGBPixel
struct  HandleRGBPixel< RGBPixel< TValue >, VDimension >

Public Types

using Self = OpenCVImageBridge

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename TOutputImageType >
static TOutputImageType::Pointer CVMatToITKImage (const cv::Mat &in)
template<typename TOutputImageType >
static TOutputImageType::Pointer IplImageToITKImage (const IplImage *in)
template<typename TInputImageType >
static cv::Mat ITKImageToCVMat (const TInputImageType *in, bool force3Channels=false)
template<typename TInputImageType >
static IplImage * ITKImageToIplImage (const TInputImageType *in, bool force3Channels=false)

Static Private Member Functions

template<typename TOutputImageType , typename TPixel >
static void ITKConvertIplImageBuffer (const IplImage *in, TOutputImageType *out, int iDepth)

Detailed Description

This class provides static methods to convert between OpenCV images and itk::Image.

This class provides methods for the following conversions: IplImage -> itk::Image cv::Mat -> itk::Image itk::Image -> IplImage itk::Image -> cv::Mat

Each method is templated over the type of itk::Image used. The conversions copy the data and convert between types if necessary.

Definition at line 58 of file itkOpenCVImageBridge.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Self

ITK stype type alias

Definition at line 64 of file itkOpenCVImageBridge.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CVMatToITKImage()

template<typename TOutputImageType >
static TOutputImageType::Pointer itk::OpenCVImageBridge::CVMatToITKImage ( const cv::Mat &  in)

cv::Mat -> itk::Image

◆ IplImageToITKImage()

template<typename TOutputImageType >
static TOutputImageType::Pointer itk::OpenCVImageBridge::IplImageToITKImage ( const IplImage *  in)

IplImage* -> itk::Image

◆ ITKConvertIplImageBuffer()

template<typename TOutputImageType , typename TPixel >
static void itk::OpenCVImageBridge::ITKConvertIplImageBuffer ( const IplImage *  in,
TOutputImageType *  out,
int  iDepth 

Steps involved in this method are: 1) Handle converting between colorspaces 2) Allocate the output image 3) Create a copy of the current IplImage's buffer without any padding (slow but necessary) 4) Copy the buffer and convert the pixels if necessary

Definition at line 95 of file itkOpenCVImageBridge.h.

References itk::ConvertPixelBuffer< InputPixelType, OutputPixelType, OutputConvertTraits >::Convert(), itk::ConvertPixelBuffer< InputPixelType, OutputPixelType, OutputConvertTraits >::ConvertVectorImage(), and itk::Index< VDimension >::Fill().

◆ ITKImageToCVMat()

template<typename TInputImageType >
static cv::Mat itk::OpenCVImageBridge::ITKImageToCVMat ( const TInputImageType *  in,
bool  force3Channels = false 

itk::Image -> cv::Mat

◆ ITKImageToIplImage()

template<typename TInputImageType >
static IplImage* itk::OpenCVImageBridge::ITKImageToIplImage ( const TInputImageType *  in,
bool  force3Channels = false 

itk::Image -> IplImage*

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