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itkMath.h File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <cmath>
#include "itkMathDetail.h"
#include "itkConceptChecking.h"
#include <vnl/vnl_math.h>
#include <vxl_version.h>
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struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsFloatVsFloat
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsFloatVsInteger
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsFunctionSelector< TInput1IsIntger, TInput1IsSigned, TInput2IsInteger, TInput2IsSigned >
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsIntegerVsFloat
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsPlainOldEquals
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsSignedVsUnsigned
struct  itk::Math::Detail::AlmostEqualsUnsignedVsSigned




#define itkTemplateFloatingToIntegerMacro(name)


bool itk::Math::abs (bool x)
unsigned char itk::Math::abs (char x)
unsigned short itk::Math::abs (short x)
unsigned char itk::Math::abs (signed char x)
unsigned char itk::Math::abs (unsigned char x)
unsigned int itk::Math::abs (unsigned int x)
unsigned long long itk::Math::abs (unsigned long long x)
unsigned long itk::Math::abs (unsigned long x)
unsigned short itk::Math::abs (unsigned short x)
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
bool itk::Math::AlmostEquals (T1 x1, T2 x2)
TInput TInput TReturn itk::Math::CastWithRangeCheck (TInput x)
TInput itk::Math::Ceil (TInput x) template< typename TReturn
template<typename TInput1 , typename TInput2 >
bool itk::Math::ExactlyEquals (const TInput1 &x1, const TInput2 &x2)
template<typename T >
itk::Math::FloatAddULP (T x, typename Detail::FloatIEEE< T >::IntType ulps)
template<typename T >
bool itk::Math::FloatAlmostEqual (T x1, T x2, typename Detail::FloatIEEE< T >::IntType maxUlps=4, typename Detail::FloatIEEE< T >::FloatType maxAbsoluteDifference=0.1 *itk::NumericTraits< T >::epsilon())
template<typename T >
Detail::FloatIEEE< T >::IntType itk::Math::FloatDifferenceULP (T x1, T x2)
template<TReturn , typename TInput >
 itk::Math::Floor (TInput x) template< TReturn
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
bool itk::Math::NotAlmostEquals (T1 x1, T2 x2)
template<typename TInput1 , typename TInput2 >
bool itk::Math::NotExactlyEquals (const TInput1 &x1, const TInput2 &x2)
TInput TInput TReturn itk::Math::Round (TInput x)
template<TReturn , typename TInput >
 itk::Math::RoundHalfIntegerToEven (TInput x) template< TReturn
TInput itk::Math::RoundHalfIntegerUp (TInput x) template< typename TReturn
template<typename TReturnType = uintmax_t>
constexpr TReturnType itk::Math::UnsignedPower (const uintmax_t base, const uintmax_t exponent) noexcept
template<typename TReturnType = uintmax_t>
constexpr TReturnType itk::Math::UnsignedProduct (const uintmax_t a, const uintmax_t b) noexcept
ITKCommon_EXPORT bool itk::Math::IsPrime (unsigned int n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT bool itk::Math::IsPrime (unsigned long long n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT bool itk::Math::IsPrime (unsigned long n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT bool itk::Math::IsPrime (unsigned short n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT unsigned int itk::Math::GreatestPrimeFactor (unsigned int n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT unsigned long long itk::Math::GreatestPrimeFactor (unsigned long long n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT unsigned long itk::Math::GreatestPrimeFactor (unsigned long n)
ITKCommon_EXPORT unsigned short itk::Math::GreatestPrimeFactor (unsigned short n)


static constexpr double itk::Math::deg_per_rad = vnl_math::deg_per_rad
static constexpr double itk::Math::e = vnl_math::e
static constexpr double itk::Math::eps = vnl_math::eps
static constexpr double itk::Math::euler = vnl_math::euler
static constexpr float itk::Math::float_eps = vnl_math::float_eps
static constexpr float itk::Math::float_sqrteps = vnl_math::float_sqrteps
static constexpr double itk::Math::ln10 = vnl_math::ln10
static constexpr double itk::Math::ln2 = vnl_math::ln2
static constexpr double itk::Math::log10e = vnl_math::log10e
static constexpr double itk::Math::log2e = vnl_math::log2e
static constexpr double itk::Math::one_over_pi = vnl_math::one_over_pi
static constexpr double itk::Math::one_over_sqrt2pi = vnl_math::one_over_sqrt2pi
static constexpr double itk::Math::pi = vnl_math::pi
static constexpr double itk::Math::pi_over_180 = vnl_math::pi_over_180
static constexpr double itk::Math::pi_over_2 = vnl_math::pi_over_2
static constexpr double itk::Math::pi_over_4 = vnl_math::pi_over_4
static constexpr double itk::Math::sqrt1_2 = vnl_math::sqrt1_2
static constexpr double itk::Math::sqrt1_3 = vnl_math::sqrt1_3
static constexpr double itk::Math::sqrt2 = vnl_math::sqrt2
static constexpr double itk::Math::sqrt2pi = vnl_math::sqrt2pi
static constexpr double itk::Math::sqrteps = vnl_math::sqrteps
static constexpr double itk::Math::two_over_pi = vnl_math::two_over_pi
static constexpr double itk::Math::two_over_sqrtpi = vnl_math::two_over_sqrtpi
static constexpr double itk::Math::twopi = vnl_math::twopi

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ itkTemplateFloatingToIntegerMacro

#define itkTemplateFloatingToIntegerMacro (   name)
template <typename TReturn, typename TInput> \
inline TReturn name(TInput x) \
{ \
if constexpr (sizeof(TReturn) <= 4) \
{ \
return static_cast<TReturn>(Detail::name##_32(x)); \
} \
else if constexpr (sizeof(TReturn) <= 8) \
{ \
return static_cast<TReturn>(Detail::name##_64(x)); \
} \
else \
{ \
return static_cast<TReturn>(Detail::name##_base<TReturn, TInput>(x)); \
} \

A useful macro to generate a template floating point to integer conversion templated on the return type and using either the 32 bit, the 64 bit or the vanilla version

Definition at line 106 of file itkMath.h.