ITK  5.4.0
Insight Toolkit
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 Data Representation ObjectsITK includes several data representation objects such as itk::Image, itk::Mesh, itk::Point, etc
 Data Access ObjectsITK includes several ways to access data through the user of iterators, pointers, indexes, etc
 Tensor Image ObjectsObjects required for representing diffusion tensor images in ITK
 Data Processing ObjectsITK includes several ways to process the data using objects such as adaptors, functions, filters, and transforms
 NumericsITK provides support for numerical operations at two levels. First, ITK uses an external library called VNL, which is one component of the VXL toolkit. This library provides linear algebra, optimization, and FFTs. Second, ITK provides numerical optimizers designed for the registration framework and statistical classes designed to be used for classification and segmentation
 System Objects
 Thread SafetyClasses catalogued according to their compliance with thread safety
 MultiThreading SupportFilters classified according to their support for performing processing in multiple threads
 Region-wise Processing ObjectsFilters processing images region by region. These filters may support streaming
 Deprecated ClassesClasses that are scheduled to be removed from the toolkit. Their funcionality is now provided by other classes or changes in the toolkit have made them useless. Please report to their documentation and look in to their "Deprecated" section. This section should indicate what to do to replace this class in any affected code
 Data Reading/Writing ObjectsClasses related to reading/writing data from/to disk
 Module GenericLabelInterpolator
 Module IOTransformDCMTK
 Group CoreThis group of modules contain the toolkit framework used by other modules. There are common base classes for data objects and process objects, basic data structures such as itk::Image, itk::Mesh, itk::QuadEdgeMesh, and itk::SpatialObject, and common functionality for operations such as finite differences, image adaptors, or image transforms
 Group IOThis group of modules contains classes for reading and writing images and other data objects
 Group FilteringThis group of modules are filters that modify data in the ITK pipeline framework. These filters take an input object, such as an Image, and modify it to create an output. Filters can be chained together to create a processing pipeline
 Group RegistrationThis group of modules address the registration problem: find the spatial transformation between two images. This is a high level group that makes use of many lower level modules such as Module ITKTransform, Module ITKOptimizers, Module ITKFiniteDifference, and Module ITKFEM
 Group SegmentationThis group of modules address the segmentation problem: partition the image into classified regions (labels). This is a high level group that makes use of many lower level modules such as Module ITKQuadEdgeMesh and Module ITKNarrowBand
 Group NumericsThis group of modules are basic numerical tools and algorithms that have general applications outside of imaging
 Group VideoThis group of modules handles input, output and processing of static and real-time data with temporal components. It also handles communications to OpenCV and VXL external libraries
 Group ThirdPartyThis group of modules are third party libraries used by other ITK modules
 Group BridgeThis group of modules are intended to bridge ITK to other toolkits as libraries such as visualization toolkits
 Group NonunitThis group of modules are intended to make use of an extensive set of the toolkit modules
 Group CompatibilityThis group contains modules that ease the transition to ITKv4 and Deprecated classes
 Group RemoteThis group of modules is for ITK based code that have additional third-party dependencies not bundled with the toolkit, new algorithms or implementations seeking greater exposure and adoption, algorithms that hope to eventually be integrated into the toolkit, niche algorithms with limited application, and Modules in progress that do not yet have the test coverage and cross-platform standards required by the main toolkit. The modules are OFF by default in ITK's CMake configuration. Note that these modules do get the same level of support and backwards compatibility as other modules in the toolkit
 Module LabelErodeDilate
 Module LesionSizingToolkit
 Module ParabolicMorphology
 Module RLEImage
 Module SimpleITKFilters
 Module SkullStrip
 Module SmoothingRecursiveYvvGaussianFilter
 Module SplitComponents
 Module Strain
 Module SubdivisionQuadEdgeMeshFilter
 Module TwoProjectionRegistration
 Module VariationalRegistration