ITK  5.2.0
Insight Toolkit
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 NitkThe "itk" namespace contains all Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) classes. There are several nested namespaces within the itk:: namespace
 CAlgorithmTypeAlgorithm or implementation used in the dilation/erosion operations
 CAnchorUtilitiesFunctionality in common for anchor openings/closings and erosions/dilation
 CBinaryImageToLevelSetImageAdatorConverts one binary image to the appropriate level-set type provided by the template argument TLevelSet
 CCostFunctionBase class for cost functions intended to be used with Optimizers
 CCrossCompute the cross product of two vectors of dimension 3, independently of the type of the values of vector's elements
 CExtractionImageFilterEnumsEnums for itk::ExtractImageFilter
 CGradientDescentOptimizerBasev4Abstract base class for gradient descent-style optimizers
 CImageInfoA container for an image and its description
 CInterfaceWrapper for FFTW API
 CInvalidRequestRegionErrorException object for invalid requested region
 CitkBSplineCenteredL2ResampleImageFilterBaseUses the "Centered L2" B-Spline pyramid implementation of B-Spline Filters to up/down sample an image by a factor of 2
 CitkFloatingPointExceptionsAllows floating point exceptions to be caught during program execution
 CLBFGSBOptimizerHelperWrapper helper around vnl_lbfgsb
 CLBFGSBOptimizerHelperv4Wrapper helper around vnl_lbfgsb
 CLBFGSOptimizerBaseHelperv4Wrapper helper around vnl optimizer
 CMeshFunctionBaseBase class for mesh function object modifiers
 CMetricSamplingStrategyEnum type for metric sampling strategy
 CQuadEdgeMeshScalarDataVTKPolyDataThis class saves a QuadMesh into a VTK-legacy file format, including its scalar data associated with points
 CQuickViewA convenient class to render itk images with vtk
 CRGBImageInfoA container for an rgb image and its description
 CTemporalUnitFor defining the way in which to compare temporal regions
 CVanHerkGilWermanUtilitiesFunctionality in common for anchor openings/closings and erosions/dilation
 CVNLIterativeSparseSolverTraitsGeneric interface for iterative sparse linear solver
 CVNLSparseLUSolverTraitsGeneric interface for sparse LU solver